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(I am sure you receive a lot of similar emails, but I thought I would write to you anyway...)

I was at the conference in Torquay on Monday. I was in the first group of people and I arrived early. I hope you didn't notice but I remember thinking: what is wrong with him? I knew we would be meeting people who had had some difficulties and couldn't make out what yours was until you started speaking.

Your story is absolutely amazing! I know a healer who has cured people with cancer, infact a famous American doctor retired and 'gave' her all his patients with cancer. But I struggle to believe that a tumour in such a vulnerable place could have cured without any apparent damage.

I have had a headache for 13 years 24/7 and I can identify a bit with your story although my condition isn't life-threatening, and I still haven't got rid of my problem.. I have tried numerous solutions but you have inspired me. My friends were also very struck by your story.

You were different from the other people at the conference: the problems they had, they had inflicted on themselves and their story was about how they tried to cope. You story was about a serious threat to your life and your struggle to find resources within yourself to deal with the issue.

I know the conference has now finished and you are probably busy doing important things but can you answer me one question: was there one thing in particular that kept you going? Or was it the pure desire to live? And of course, if there was something, what was it?

I hope I haven't been too brutally honest and I hope I haven't offended you in any way.

I hope that you are aware of the fact that with your work you change people's lives, in a good way.

Thank you so much for your influence,


Dear Martin,

I was at the conference today and thought your talk was amazing.

Very inspiring :)

Hope to see you at our college to do a talk sometime.

Hope all is well??


hello! i was at the psycology thing today (the one who came in late with chips, and had a green hoodie on!) and i jus wanted to say thankyou and your talk was amazing and probally the most inspirational 15minuits of my life! i think your an amzing person and thankyou! xxx emilee